Soil amendments

Strengthen root assimilation of nutrients by improving soil properties

Eco-productive soil amendments

Soil improvement is essential to allow plants to assimilate nutrients in the soil optimally. Strong root assimilation is only possible when the soil has a pH around 7. This allows the soil to make available to the plant all the major elements and trace elements necessary for its development.

Spreading fertilizers on soils with unfavorable pH amounts to partially feeding the plant, which cannot benefit from all the nutrients it needs. Fertilux soil amendments optimize the pH of soils according to their condition, which varies throughout the year.


Action on the soil structure

A soil with a pH of around 7 makes available to the plant the nutrients naturally present in the soil, or existing via the application of fertilizers. Our soil amendments guarantee an effective correction of the pH. Our solutions thus allow plants to fully assimilate the nutrients necessary for their development via their roots, by fighting against:

In addition to optimizing the assimilation of nutrients, the products in the range have a positive impact on soil structure. They promote microbial life in the soil and dissolve calcium which allows soil aeration, improves the circulation of water and air, and stimulates biological fertility.

Product ranges

Fertilux soil amendments naturally contain silica, an essential element for plant development. In fact, in addition to regulating the distribution of magnesium in the foliage of the plant, it improves the absorption of phosphorus and potassium.

Basic steelmaking

The Basic Steel amendment range results in a rapid pH recovery. The range contains concentrations of calcium in the oxide and hydroxide form, and in trace elements including silica. This range contributes to the balance of the soil whose natural calcium losses amount on average between 100 and 500 units / year.

In spray form


Calcium phosphate iron and steel

The calcium phosphate iron and steel amendment allows a pH correction thanks to its calcium in oxide and hydroxide form. Its formula contains concentrations of phosphorus and trace elements including silica. In addition to improving soil balance, this range strengthens the plant's natural defenses by optimizing the effect of phosphorus.

In spray form


The fertilizer-amendment ranges have mixed characteristics. The range formulas include basic steel amendments as well as phosphorus and / or potash, depending on the needs relating to soil balance.

In spray form, except for the organic range in granulated form

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