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CalkoFlow®: an innovative premix

The CalkoFlow® premix developed by Fertilux naturally optimizes the absorption of mineral elements and trace elements. This solution is added to the ranges of foliar fertilizer supplements in order to anticipate the physiological stress of the plants and stimulate the absorption of nutrients by the leaves.

The CalkoFlow® research and development program has highlighted the potential of the natural plant origin and native components of the premix to improve agricultural yields.

Respond to plant assimilation problems

Because the assimilation of nutrients by plants is often not optimal, Fertilux has created a variety of products that aid nutrient assimilability. Our ranges of soil amendments and foliar fertilization supplements help plants to better assimilate nutrients via their leaves and roots.

Responding to plant assimilation problems requires internal research and development programs. These programs are created in response to the various demands and problems of farmers. Among these is a growing interest in organic fertilization.

Next innovation

Fertilux is working on a research and development program, the objective of which is the root optimization of plants by supplementing organo-mineral organic fertilization in the form of granules. This program focuses on the benefits of biochar, which guarantees improved soil fertility thanks to its exchange capacity and its retention capacity. Research also focuses on the beneficial actions of certain microorganisms for the soil and the plant. Available soon.


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