Foliar fertilization supplements

Strengthen the absorption of nutrients by plant foliage

Eco-productive foliar fertilization

Foliar fertilization ensures that plants absorb the quantity of nutrients necessary for their development, which is difficult to assimilate entirely by the roots. This type of application by spraying on leaves is a solution to fill an insufficient level of root assimilation to meet the needs of the plant.

Nitrogen, potash and phosphorus are major elements present in fertilizers which mixed with trace elements to form the basic food of plants. Fertilux foliar fertilization supplements optimize the assimilability of all these elements, in particular thanks to their natural plant origin. Indeed, the native vegetable compounds of the CalkoFlow® premix present in our supplements allow the chelation of the associated mineral elements. By this natural protection, the stomata of the leaves recognize and better assimilate these nutrients, necessary for plant metabolism.


Products enriched with CalkoFlow

The brand's products are formulated to meet the specific needs of cultures. They are made up of plant and mineral elements enriched with CalkoFlow® premix, an innovation registered by the brand and which bearsthe CE marking of EU standardization. CalkoFlow® helps to:

Discover the role main trace elements play on the plant

Product ranges

All the fertilization supplements offered are in liquid form and are designed for applications via foliar spraying. The application of the brand's supplements stimulates plants, generating a qualitative and / or quantitative improvement depending on the crop in more than 95% of cases.


The CalkoFlow® Nutrition range is aimed at all types of culture and anticipates the risks of deficiencies. By protecting the interactions between major elements and trace elements, this range prevents deficiencies. It responds in particular to Liebig's law: if one of the trace elements is missing, all the other minerals present are useless.

Thus, by ensuring that each oligo is qualitatively and quantitatively present, the assimilability of all the trace elements by the plant is preserved.


Arboriculture, market gardening, vineyard

The CalkoFlow® Arboriculture market gardening vineyard range is specially designed for vines, arboriculture and market gardening. In addition to anticipating the risks of deficiencies in major elements and trace elements, it protects the plant from nutritional stress in times of drought or when the soil pH is unfavorable. These stresses temporarily prevent the plant from eating food, especially iron, which creates diseases such as ferric chlorosis.

By ensuring that each nutrient is sufficient in quantity and quality, and by avoiding nutritional stress, the assimilation of nutrients by plants is optimal.

Organic Mineral

The organic CalkoFlow® range is aimed at all types of culture. Its action is identical to that of the Nutrition range. All its components have been certified by Biotek Agriculture according to EC regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008.


Applications | Maintenance of sprayers

Spraying eco-alternative fertilization supplements using equipment that has previously been used for phytosanitary products is not optimal. Care products should therefore be used to clean the treatment devices after use. The effect of residues of phytosanitary products is thus neutralized.

The Lux’Clean product allows you to clean the outside and inside of the sprayers. 95% biodegradable, this solution respects the environment.


Reinforce the effects of your fertilization

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