Acting for sustainable agriculture

Preserve the environment and human health

With proven expertise and a range of quality products, Fertilux is committed to sustainable agriculture. We respect :

fertilisation foliaire

1st Luxembourg company to be recognized by the 4 per 1000 initiative

Launched in 2015, the global 4 per 1000 initiative aims to promote practices allowing the storage of 0.4% more organic carbon per year in soils. The objective is to significantly reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere, which is responsible for global warming.
Fertilux fertilization products have been officially recognized by the 4 per 1000 initiative committee as solutions capable of responding to climate challenges. Our solutions improve the biological fertility of the soil, guaranteeing sustainable agriculture.

And concretely

By highlighting innovative solutions and advice in agro-ecology, Fertilux promotes sustainable agriculture practices such as:


Stimulate the biological activity of soils

Through Fertilux's sustainable farming practices, plants:

Carbonaceous organic molecules are stored in the form of humus, thus increasing soil fertility and agricultural productivity. The biological activity of soils increases which, at the end of the chain, contributes to more quantitative and qualitative yields and benefits human health.

Make the link between sustainable agriculture and human health

Preservation of water

Establishing sustainable farming practices that respect the biological fertility of the soil aims to stimulate the activity of macrofauna and microflora. Due to their specific metabolism, microorganisms have the capacity to digest and degrade the carbon chains of synthetic molecules. This bioremediation process represents a major challenge for the management of the quantity and quality of water.

Water accounts for 70% of the weight of the human body. Raw, unprocessed products (fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, etc.) are made up of between 60 and 90% of this element. It is because this element is vital to all living beings in the food chain up to Man that it must be preserved.



An agricultural plot managed by applying good eco-fertilization practices stimulates the development of root systems and promotes biological activity. Thanks to fertile plots capable of breaking down the heavy molecular chains, you get little or no chemical residue in your soil and water. This improves plant and human health.

Through our advice in agro-ecology, our solutions to combat soil acidification and improve root development, Fertilux advocates for sustainable agriculture and better water quality. Want to know more? Discover our training on biological soil fertility.