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Fertilux research and development programs develop solutions demonstrating their theoretical effectiveness. After theory comes practice. This is why the company tests all the solutions it develops.

The testing process for Fertilux eco-alternative fertilization solutions includes a "compatibility" test of the various components of our formulations, with other elements. These tests are carried out in the company’s laboratory in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg. Once this step has been validated, a self-check is carried out with approved and external laboratories. After receiving validation from external laboratories, the solutions are tested in full scale on farmers' farms, in collaboration with distributors. This process takes about a year before a solution can be marketed.


Annual farm trials

Once the effectiveness of Fertilux solutions has been proven, they are marketed while being continuously evaluated in the field. Carrying out annual on-farm trials makes it possible to demonstrate the effectiveness of the formulas by a qualitative and / or quantitative analysis of the yield progression. This involves observing the evolution of the quintal yields and / or evaluating the concentration of the elements present in the formulas. Yield increases are possible via:

Test results - CalkoPro on wheat

Uneal (62) Antedis, year 2019, previous wheat pdeT, 200 U nitrogen, 2L / ha CalkoPro ear stage 1cm


Test results - Calkoleo P on rapeseed

Nogent (52), year 2018, application on 03/29 at stage D1, clay-limestone, variety: Cristiano

Test results - Calko Cereals Iron on wheat

Uneal (62) Antedis, application at the ear stage 1 cm, deep silt, 200 U of nitrogen, previous PdeT, 12.7 proteins.


Experimental pilot farm

Would you like to know more about our on-farm trials? Fertilux integrates its eco-alternative fertilization solutions in a pilot farm located in Heffingen in Luxembourg, which can be visited during our training days.

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