Sustainable innovation

Fertilux researches, innovates, and develops eco-alternative solutions


Optimizing eco-alternative fertilization

Fertilux helps to secure agricultural yields with eco-alternative fertilization that allows plants to optimally assimilate vital nutrients. Our foliar fertilizer supplements and soil amendments are made from unique formulas whose components are of natural plant origin.

Fertilux is a partner of the 4 per 1000 initiative, which has earned the company recognition for its actions aimed at reducing CO2 linked to human activities in the atmosphere.

Years of experience

Collaborators around the world

10 000 +
Customers on 4 continents


The company was founded int the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in 2000. Initially focused on logistics and the export of fertilizers, it eventually began manufacturing and marketing fertilizer solutions such as liquid foliar fertilizer supplements, soil improvers, and fertilizers with mixed characteristics. Fertilux oversees all the logistics for products manufactured in the SHFC group, of which the company is a member, including fertilizers manufactured by FCA Fertilisants.

Fertilux collaboration

All SHFC group companies work together and individually in favor of sustainable agriculture that is respectful of plant and human health. Fertilux shares its know-how and cutting-edge expertise with all of the group's players, with whom it has collaborated since its inception.

Together, the group companies aim to: