Your partner for l’Agrology Supply Chain & Fertilizers Solutions

Sustainable fertilisation must be based on Agrology,
i.e. on the understanding of how soil works and of the plants' needs.

Plant nutrition tailored to your needs.

Fertilux undertakes to meet your performance objectives and to optimise your eco-alternative® fertilisation programmes whilst respecting soils ecosystems.

Our teams of seasoned professionals develop, provide and deliver innovative solutions and advice worldwide.

Our history

Fertilux was created in 2000 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and specialised in the export of fertilisers.

The company has invested in all areas of the Supply Chain to guarantee a complete and ever higher service quality to its customers.

With its international exposure, Fertilux is the preferred partner of the entities within the SHFC Group.

Our mission

The mission of our teams of Agrology experts is to analyse soil types, climates, terrains and growing practices in order to advise and develop tailored eco-alternative® fertilisation solutions.

Today, Fertilux is able to provide you with international eco-alternative® fertilisation solutions.